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5 Reasons today’s most innovative companies choose to offer back up care for their Employees!


  • Increased productivity – The nonprofit research group Child Care Aware estimates that breakdowns in childcare arrangements cost US companies $4 billion annually in absenteeism, tardiness, and reduced workforce productivity.

  • Recruit and retain the best – In today’s competitive talent market, Millennials report that more family-friendly benefits are influencing their decisions to take or leave a job.

  • Reduce workforce gender gap – Backup childcare reduces the workforce gender gap and allows women to remain in the workplace. Women report lack of childcare as a major reason they leave the workplace or choose to work part-time.

  • Career building support– When employees have dependable childcare, they are empowered to take on additional responsibilities and create opportunities for professional development.

  • Reduced Employee Turnover- Employers save money on recruitment and training costs, and increase productivity and company morale.

Corporate Backup Care


School closing?  Babysitter calls in sick?  Spouse called in to work unexpectedly?

When working parents experience a breakdown in their regular childcare arrangements or experience a childcare emergency, it is often employers that face the consequences. According to the latest research, the average working parent misses nine days of work per year for childcare related reasons. That number increases to 13 days for elementary aged children.  Employee absenteeism can equate to decreased productivity and can have a significant effect on company finances and employee morale.  On average, employees cost businesses the equivalent of three months per year in lost productivity, according to a new GCC Insights report by Global Corporate Challenge (GCC).  This comes from a combination of absenteeism (employees using sick days to deal with child and family concerns) and presenteeism (employees who admit to being distracted or unable to work to full potential due to stress of family issues).  The challenge of finding high quality, affordable childcare directly impacts two thirds of working parents. The Pew Research survey finds that about half (53%) of all working parents with children under age 18 say it is difficult for them to balance the responsibilities of their job with the responsibilities of their family. 

Today’s most forward thinking employers offer back up childcare as part of a competitive benefits plan to employees.  With backup care, the employer pays for a limited number of days that employees can access Munchkins Corporate Care’s network of professional nannies, who are on call and ready to work in the employees home whenever the need arises. For those organizations that want a customized employer-sponsored center located on site, Munchkins Corporate Care will manage every part of the process from design and development to staffing and curriculum.  A reliable back-up plan helps ensure that an unplanned obstacle in childcare won’t lead to disruptions in the workplace, and increases the satisfaction and productivity of employees when they are on the job. Munchkins Corporate Care is committed to helping employers by providing quality backup childcare to their employees, thereby preventing millions of dollars in lost productivity each year.

Munchkins Corporate Care is a full service agency that contracts with corporate customers to provide in home or on-site back up care to allow employees to be able to work when there is a breakdown in their regular childcare plans.  Your employees will be confident that their children are being cared for by fully screened, CPR certified, professional nannies, leading to increased productivity, morale, and retention in employees!  Request a meeting today and we will follow up with a questionnaire to customize a back up care plan to meet the unique needs of your organization and employees.


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