I smile because our employees have the benefits they need.

A Full Service Agency

Munchkins Corporate Care is full service agency that contracts with corporate customers to provide backup care to allow employees to be able to work when there is breakdown in their regular care plans. Your fully customizable plan can also include options for companions, pet nannies, and corporate event care.

Today’s employers offer backup care as part of a competitive benefits plan to help employees manage their work/family responsibilities. With backup care, the employer pays for a limited number of days that employees can access Munchkins Corporate Care’s network of professional nannies, companions, or pet nannies, who are on call and ready to work in the employee’s home whenever the need arises.

In Home Backup Care

A reliable backup plan helps ensure that an unplanned obstacle in regular care plans won’t lead to disruptions in the workplace and increases the satisfaction and productivity of employees when they are on the job. Munchkins Corporate Care is committed to helping employers by providing quality backup care to their employees, thereby preventing millions of dollars in lost productivity each year. Your employees will be confident that their children are being cared for by fully screened, CPR certified, professional nannies!

On Site Backup Care

For those organizations that want a customized employer-sponsored center located on site, Munchkins Corporate Care will manage every part of the process from design and development to staffing and curriculum. Let us help you meet the childcare needs of your employees while meeting the budget concerns of your organization 

Our Companions

Today’s employees are often juggling responsibilities for both work and home, and those responsibilities extend not only to spouses and children, but also to parents and other older family members, or relatives with disabilities. According to Gallup, 1 in every 6 employees is responsible for the care of an aging parent or disabled family member and has had to take time off from work to fulfill their care giving obligations. This results in increased absenteeism and reduced productivity for employers.

Munchkins Corporate Care’s Backup Care plans are not limited to children.  Fully customizable plans allow corporations to offer Companion Care as part of their benefits plan to assist employees whose family responsibilities may otherwise keep them from work.  

In addition to thoughtful companionship, we assist with personal care (bathing, dressing, toileting), light housekeeping, meal planning and preparation, medication reminders, transportation to appointments and social events, and many other non-medical services.

Pet Nannies

Pets are family, too! Employers who recognize the important role pets play in people’s lives are often forward-thinking industry leaders who care about recruiting and retaining the best employees for their business. Research has shown that owning a pet helps to reduce stress, calm anxiety, and reduce blood pressure.

Employees who own pets may be more focused and less stressed at work if they know there is a backup plan available to eliminate the stress and inconvenience of boarding or kenneling their pets when they must travel out of town for work.