About Our Founder


Meet Our Founder and CEO

Nicole Wrice is the CEO and Founder of Munchkins Corporate Care, Magnolia Heart Babysitters, and Magnolia Heart Nanny Services. As a military spouse of 19 years and a working mother of seven children, including one with special needs, she has a genuine passion for the safety, well-being, and happiness of children and their families. Not only does she have decades of experience working in the childcare industry as a nanny and day care owner, but Nicole personally understands the enormous obstacles that parents face when looking for reliable childcare. This has led her to create a range of full service childcare solutions, with the goal of offering parents the peace of mind of hiring professional, trustworthy nannies and sitters that are passionate about the care and development of children. From the very beginning, the focus has been on bringing families and nannies together to create a great working relationship on both sides. Whether parents are looking for a traditional nanny, a local babysitter for date nights, event childcare for a wedding, or backup childcare for employees, the Munchkins Corporate Care Team is ready to connect  them with a highly qualified caregiver to meet their unique needs.


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