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“We help organizations offer competitive backup care plans for employees.”

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A reliable backup plan helps ensure that an unplanned obstacle in childcare won’t lead to disruptions in the workplace.


Our event nannies come ready to actively engage kids of all ages with games, music, toys, books, arts, crafts and so much more.


Today’s employees are often juggling responsibilities for work, home, and the care of parents or relatives with disabilities.


Our pet nannies are available to care for your fur babies if you need drop in care or full time monitoring due to medical issues.

5 reasons today’s most innovative companies choose to offer back up care for their employees!

1) Increased Productivity- The nonprofit research group Child Care Aware estimates that breakdowns in childcare arrangements cost US companies $4 billion annually in absenteeism, tardiness and reduced workforce productivity.

2) Recruit And Retain The Best-In today’s competitive talent market, Millennial’s report that more family-friendly benefits are influencing their decisions to take or leave a job.

3) Reduce Workforce Gender Gap- Backup childcare reduces the workforce gender gap and allows woman to remain in the workplace. Woman report lack of childcare as a major reason they leave the work place or choose to work part-time.

4) Career Building Support- When employees have dependable childcare, they are empowered to take on additional responsibilities and create opportunities for professional development.

5) Reduced Employee Turnover- Employers save money on recruitment and training costs and increase productivity and company morale.

We Care!

We offer fully customizable back up care plans to meet the unique needs of your employees! Choose from back-up childcare (In-home or on-site), Event Care, Companions Care, Pet Nannies and more! 


We come to you!

Employee approved!

Customizable plans

Available 24/7/365

Reliable and ready

Easy to use

Munchkins Corporate Care is a sister company to Magnolia Heart Nanny services, which has been providing a range of full-service childcare solutions since 2017. 

We are excited to contract with our corporate clients to provide competitive backup care options to support employees when there is a breakdown in their regular child or adult care plans.

Your employees will be confident that our experienced caregivers are fully screened, CPR certified professionals, and this will lead to increased productivity, morale and retention for your company!


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